Hey there! The Cubs play real baseball this week…well spring training games, so kind of real baseball. Anyway, here are the latest updates from Cubs spring training.

The biggest headline of the day was Tom Ricketts addressing the media and talking about how his dad is totally not racist, despite laughing at, forwarding and sharing racist emails with his pals.

Before the press conference, the Cubs and CAIR sent out a joint statement.

Another topic during the media session was the Cubs’ lack of spending in free agency. Ricketts once again brought up the team picking up Cole Hamels’ $20 million option for 2019, and other players getting raises through the arbitration process.

His excuse for not the Cubs not going after any of the top free agents? There’s no more money.

Tom Ricketts Sucks

So, if you have any spare change, please help out a billionaire.

All position players were scheduled to report to spring training on Monday, but Joe Maddon said Ben Zobrist still hasn’t arrived. It’s an excused absence.

PECOTA now projects the Cubs to win 79 games in 2019.

The Cubs are definitely using that for motivation.

The Cubs Are Taking Full Advantage Of The Bulletin Board Material

Ian Happ is determined to get more playing time at second base. He only played three innings at second base last year. Oh, and check out his car.

Ian Happ Will Get A Shot To Play Second Base And HOLY SHIT LOOK AT HIS CAR!

Kris Bryant once again says his shoulder is 100 percent.

And KB still can’t believe his little joke about St. Louis started a war.

Anthony Rizzo and David Ross reunite to bring you a smile.

And that’s the latest from Cubs spring training.