Finally, Alfonso Soriano has the definitive thought on the long-running MJ vs. LeBron debate. I’m not sure why he was asked, but it turns out that the former Cubs slugger is a big basketball fan.

So, who’s the GOAT? Or at least how he categorizes it, the BOAT, MJ or LeBron?*Bulls fans sharpen pitchforks anticipating answer*

Boom! Debate settled, Michael Jordan is the BOAT.

In the interview with Hector Gomez, Soriano discussed his retirement, the hall of fame, his family and he also talked about the impact Frank Robinson had on his life. Robinson was Soriano’s manager in 2006, when he hit 46 home runs and stole 41 bases for the Nationals. Robinson passed away on Thursday at the age of 83.

Soriano recalls the time Robinson pulled him from a game in 2006, for not running hard to first base. Despite the embarrassing moment for Soriano, he said that experience made him grow as a player and appreciated Robinson for the lesson.

But the best quote from Soriano was his thoughts on social media. He doesn’t participate in any of it because as he says, “I’m a married man and that’s how I avoid problems with my wife.”

Soriano will appear on the hall of fame ballot for the first time. He hit 412 career home runs, 2,095 hits and 1,159 RBIs with 289 stolen bases.

And life is pretty good for him right now.