“The Bulls led the NBA in attendance last season for the ninth straight year, averaging 20,776 fans per game at the United Center, but attendance dropped 4% as the team lost two-thirds of their games. The losing has been even more dramatic during the 2018-19 season with a gutted roster. Attendance fell again and now sits below the Philadelphia 76ers. In December, the Bulls fired coach Fred Hoiberg, who is still owed $5 million next season. The Bulls will have ample cap space in the summer of 2019 but will have trouble attracting elite free agents with the team so far from contending.” – Forbes

When the numbers came out this week for the NBA’s most valuable franchises, there isn’t much that should surprise the people. Major cities, equal major value due to the market: New York, Los Angelas, Chicago, and Boston in the top five furthers that notion. But you know what really made me go from six to midnight when reading the report? A nine-year attendance leader streak that further cements Chicago as one of if not THE best fan base in the nation. It is easy to have your value shoot up 164838% over the past five years when your team is in the midst of one of the greatest dynasties of our time such as the Warriors.

Granted Philadelphia may take us down in attendance this year but that’s because they are a serious contender in the East and will be for years to come. But where were they when “The Process” was just getting started? Where were they when the 76ers were the laughing stock of the league? You guessed it, the fans were rubbing one out to “Invincible” and talking about how they wish you were around to witness Dr. J in his prime. Cleveland was the only franchise to not make money this year, funny how that happens when you don’t have the best player in the league anymore.

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We had “arguably” the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on this planet take our beloved franchise to unparalleled heights throughout the ’90s. The fans got to feel that type of excitement of going to the game or tuning in every night because you wanted to see the next crazy thing Jordan was going to do. Now we fast forward today, and the franchise is in shambles, with very bleak hope for serious contention in the coming years.

“It is easy to be a fan when times are great, just like how it is easy to be happy as a person when things are going right for you whether at work, school, or at home. But when the chips are down, and things aren’t going your way, that is when you see the true colors of a man.” – Someone at some point in history

Nine years ago we drafted Derrick Rose with the #1 overall pick and watched the rise and fall of not only his career but the franchise as a whole. The one constant denominator through this adverse time- the fans support.

So this is to you Chicago, a proud sports town that shows true loyalty through thick and thin. I believe the basketball gods may do us just another solid, and grace us with a sweet, sweet victory in the #TankForZion campaign. Cue the music.