Former Blackhawks’ star winger, Artemi Panarin, was a hot topic on Twitter today. Earlier today, it was revealed that Panarin would be switching agents.

Although hiring a new agent is technically a big deal, this announcement would merely scratch the surface. The real juicy stuff would be revealed a few hours later and it actually involved the Blackhawks.

Artemi Panarin Confesses

Brian Hedger of the Columbus Dispatch had a chance to speak with Artemi Panarin after news broke of the agent switch. Hedger would get some very interesting statements from Panarin about his future with the Columbus Blue Jackets among other things.

Hedger was able to get Artemi Panarin to finally address the elephant in the room, which is whether or not he would opt to sign a new deal to stay in Columbus.

Then, Panarin had this to say when specifically asked about free agency.

Panarin also mentioned Blackhawks’ GM, Stan Bowman, in his interview with Hedger when asked about being possibly traded before the trade deadline on February 25th. He basically confirmed the fact that StanBo was a greasy GM. It turns out that Stan didn’t even inform Artemi about a possible trade until it actually happened.

If bringing Artemi Panarin back to Chicago requires StanBo being removed from the position of Blackhawks’ GM, then consider it done. Stan, I want your letter of resignation on my desk by the time Artemi finishes signing his name on his new Blackhawks contract.

Eventually, Brian Hedger asked Artemi Panarin specifically about Chicago and whether he missed it. Brace yourselves, Blackhawks fans — this is about to get good.


Just as the Blackhawks are starting to hit their stride during a 6 game winning streak, Artemi Panarin goes and drops this bombshell on us. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Alex DeBrincat, Dylan Strome and Co. have been doing a hell of a job making Chicago a very appealing destination for free agents this offseason.

On top of great production lately, the Blackhawks also have some highly touted prospects making their way through the ranks. We could very well see some of the prospects, like Adam Boqvist, get real NHL playing time as soon as next season. If I had enough time, I could come up with $23.1 million reasons why Artemi Panarin should come back home, but I think this will do the trick.

My Closing Statements

When I first learned of the news, I could not contain myself for obvious reasons.

At this time, I would also like to respectfully decline to issue any type of apology for my excitement and optimism regarding the Blackhawks. This team has a real chance to turn things around in a hurry and I couldn’t be any happier. I need the Stanley Cup and Mr. White Gloves back in my life. That happens a lot sooner with Artemi Panarin in a Blackhawks sweater.

Phil Pritchard with the Stanley Cup (via

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