Ryan Dempster hosts what’s supposed to be fun panel on Friday night for the Cubs Convention. It’s set up like a late night TV show and he has players on as guests. None of it is serious. Anyway, Kris Bryant made Cardinals fans extremely mad by saying that the city of St. Louis is boring.

Come on Kris, it can’t be that boring. They even shoot off fireworks for your home runs.

Anyway, here’s the clip from Friday night.

Guys, he was just pandering to Cubs fans in the audience. Of course, he’s not going to say that players should definitely want to play in St. Louis. But the main part was just him saying he thinks the city is boring.

I mean, he’s from Las Vegas, played in Southern California in college and is in Chicago for half the year. So yeah, in comparison, St. Louis is pretty boring.

Anyway, now Cardinals players are mad too.

And that includes Yadier Molina, who went on a little rant on Instagram, calling Bryant stupid and disrespectful.

And here I thought that for the most part fan conventions were boring.