Just recently, Fox Sports radio tweeted out the following:

David Vassegh, who has some pretty serious connections, had this to say on the topic:

“I talked to someone today very close to Machado, and they think he is signing with the White Sox. All the talk about the Yankees and Phillies, this guy knows Machado better than anyone else I talked to and he feels like he is going to sign with the White Sox. The White Sox are going to be the team that steps up.”

But then, all of a sudden, the report was deleted and Vassegh denied he ever said anything.

But it turns out he actually DID say exactly that.

All further tweets from Fox Sports radio have been deleted. Safe to say someone is losing a job.

In an off season surrounded by rumors, today has been unlike any other. Were the tweets deleted because they were wrong? Or because someone didn’t want that leak getting out? Hopefully we finally find out soon. Otherwise White Sox Twitter might explode.