Dhruv Koul shares his in-game reactions to the Pro Bowl game in Orlando, FL as he watches seven (!) Chicago Bears play in the NFL’s All-Star Game. Follow him on Twitter @DhruvKoul.

I miss football. I especially miss Chicago Bears’ football. They should be preparing for the Super Bowl next week … but alas, they aren’t for myriad reasons.

So I thought I’d watch the Pro Bowl which featured seven Bears and react live to it. Not that the game means anything, but still. It’ll make it feel like the good old days that ended just a few weeks ago. On to the game in rainy Orlando…


1. Akiem Hicks being the only Bears’ defensive starter was surprising; Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson both deserved to start as well.

2. Tarik Cohen got a touch near the goal line! They should’ve gone back to him on fourth down. Jason Garrett completely Jason Garretted that drive.

3. Tarik Cohen returning punts like a beast. A beautiful, 17 yard return got wiped out because of a flag. A Flag. In the Pro Bowl. Seriously.

4. Okay, please throw the ball to Tarik Cohen. Why is Russell Wilson so incompetent?

5. Kyle Fuller picks off Andrew Luck! I love how he and Jackson are actually trying on the field right now; but in all seriousness, Fuller made a pretty damn impressive play on that ball to snag it while going up against JuJu Smith-Schuster. And the group photo after the INT brought back ALL OF THE FEELS.

6. When is Mitch Trubisky entering? Enough of Wilson.

7. The AFC takes a 17-0 lead as the first half winds down. BUT now Trubisky is in! And he completes his first Pro Bowl pass to George Kittle for a five yard gain. Next play, he was hit as he threw and should’ve been picked. Trubisky completes two more passes as the half winds down, and the NFC enters the half down 17-0.

8. Tweet of the First Half:


9. That was a hilariously bad INT from Mitch to open the second half. First play — a play-action rollout to the right and he slung it right at Chris Harris Jr. He either didn’t see Harris at all through the heavy rain or he didn’t have a good grip on the ball. Because WOW that was bad. Chris Harris then collected the AFC defenders for their own group photo in the end zone. I think the Fuller photo was better.

10. I swear if Jamal Adams were to injure Trubisky in the god damn Pro Bowl … I’m sure Akiem Hicks and Cody Whitehair would’ve run out onto the field and eaten him alive. Then again, that was an awful pitch-back from Alvin Kamara on the flea-flicker.

11. Then they took the ball out of Tru’s hands and let Adam Thielen arm punt it down the field. Sigh.

12. Should’ve called pass interference on Xavien Howard when Trubisky went deep to Davante Adams; that drive should still be going!

13. And Dak Prescott takes over the NFC QB spot with 13 minutes left in the game. 🙁 So Trubisky finished 5/9 for 34 yards and an ugly INT.

14. Defenses ruling the day today … kind of. To be honest, I absolutely LOVE football that’s played in the elements: Snow, rain, wind, etc. It’s always a lot of fun to watch, even if it’s just the Pro Bowl.

15. Did I mention the Bears should be preparing for the Super Bowl next week?