Tyron Woodley vs. Colby Covington

This is one of those fights that we probably know the result going into it, but we still really really want to see it. Why? Simple. We want to see Colby Covington get wrecked. This guy has opened his mouth and said some of the most ignorant things one can possibly say with the platform he has. Covington has absolutely no respect for anyone in that division, including Tyron Woodley. The public knows these two guys don’t like each other. Colby has been running his mouth more than anyone in the UFC as of late. You’d think fans are enjoying his trash talk, but it seems like all he’s doing is making everyone want to see him get his ass beat. There is no better fighter to do that than Tyron Woodley. Woodley possesses a humongous physical advantage over Covington and is an excellent counter striker. Covington loves to push the pace but I wonder how many of Woodley’s shots he wants to come in contact with. Let 2019 be the year we see Colby Covington finally shut up.