Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson

Uhhh… we absolutely need this fight to happen. It was supposed to happen many times before in the past, but it was always postponed due to injuries from either side. As much as we want Conor. Vs. Khabib 2 to happen, this fight would be 10x more insane. It may not get the traction that the prolific rematch would get, but this fight has more to offer from a stylistic standpoint. As much as I love Conor, I just don’t think he has anything for Khabib. His volume of energy expanded is significantly less than Khabib’s. I don’t think Conor can take on the continuous pressure Khabib forces upon his opponents. What would happen, however, if Khabib was matched up with an opponent that keeps the pressure on as much as he does? I’ll tell you what would happen. Absolute chaos. Ferguson may not have Khabib’s wrestling pedigree, but he is extremely dangerous from the guard position. Not to mention, if you’re in close with the guy, you better watch out for his elbows. If there was any fighter that could push Khabib to his limits, it would be Tony Ferguson. MMA Gods, please give us this fight.