To start off, this is definitely coming from Chili Davis, his agent or the Mets because can you picture Kris Bryant going up to Theo Epstein and demanding the team to fire Chili Davis? I can’t. Anyway, there’s a report coming out of New York saying Epstein didn’t actually want to fire Davis after 2018, and caved because of a few players, most notably Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

The Mets hired Davis to be their hitting coach in 2019.

Jed Hoyer was on ESPN 1000 and was asked about that report by David Kaplan. Hoyer basically said it wasn’t up to any players whether Davis was getting fired or not.

I’ve said it since Davis was fired, you can’t blame everything that went wrong with the offense squarely on him, but there’s definitely a trend with him being a hitting coach and teams suddenly hitting for less power.

No matter how it happened, it’s good for everyone involved. Chili got a new gig and the Cubs can once again focus on what’s made them successful in the past at the plate.

Plus, Epstein was pretty clear in October that he buys in to the launch angle philosophy, saying it wasn’t a myth. Davis is completely against that in his teaching methods as a hitting coach.

So yeah, don’t think Theo needed much convincing to fire Davis. This seems more like an article trying to make Davis look better for skeptical Mets fans.