The Oakland Raiders trading Derek Carr has been an idea that has floated around some circles early in the off-season. With the Raiders looking to take the next step, one thought is to move on from Carr so that Head Coach Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock can bring in their own quarterback.

On the outside, trading Carr seems like a difficult endeavor. The Raiders’ QB carries a cap hit of around $20 million over the next four seasons. Any team taking him on would have to be willing to pay that kind of money.

But even more difficult than the financials is his potential replacement. Dwayne Haskins or Daniel Jones seem like potential options, however, Oakland would likely have to use an early first round pick on them. The free agent QB class is headlined by players such as Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater who are arguably both worse than Carr.

If the Raiders were to trade Carr, they would need a solid backup plan in place. Yet, despite those potential difficulties, one radio personality feels that a Carr deal could be inevitable.

Recently, Jason Smith of The Jason Smith Show on Fox Sports Radio predicted that the New York Giants would trade for Carr.

In his argument, Smith says:

“There are no quarterbacks available. he will be the best of the best that’s out there.You know jon gruden wants to start over, he has a better idea of who he wants as his quarterback. derek carr is going to be the guy that the giants say, “Ok, you’re our quarterback for the next couple of years.” There’s not a lot of franchise guys out there, (Carr) is what they’re going to do.”

Smith brings up a lot of valid points as to why the Giants should trade for Carr. If they were serious about contending, Carr could make sense. But looking at both sides of the coin, does a Carr to New York trade truly make sense?