In any other offseason for the Cubs, acquiring infielder Daniel Descalso would be considered a solid move and fans would view the signing as a positive thing. In reality, it still is a solid move by the Cubs this offseason, but when Descalso is the only player added from a big free agent class that includes Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, then yeah, fans aren’t going to be too thrilled about the move.

What’s one way Descalso can get on the good side of Cubs fans? Take a little jab at the Cardinals!

This isn’t on par with Kris Bryant making all of St. Louis lose their shit over his “St. Louis is boring” comment Friday night at the Cubs Convention, but obviously Descalso was going to say the Cubs. He just signed with the team!

The replies are great.

If you missed the previous fireworks…

Yadier Molina is very mad.

And now Marcell Ozuna has joined the party, commenting that the Cubs talk like tigers, but end up looking like little cats.

Oh and again, Tony with the important reminder. This all started over KB just having some fun at Ryan Dempster’s comedy show panel thing Friday night.

Oh and Marcell, I know you’ve only been with the Cardinals for one season, but just a quick reminder.

And also…