Andrew Miller? Nope! Zach Britton? Nope! Craig Breslow? YES! What a solid, under the radar signing by the Cubs. A career 3.45 ERA over 12 MLB seasons by a left-handed reliever? Nice. Wait, Craig Breslow last pitched in 2017? He’s retired?

The Cubs didn’t get Breslow to add him to the bullpen, they brought him in to work in their baseball operations department.


Well, I guess it’s still a good move. Yay. Seems like a smart guy, considering the whole earning a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale. Breslow’s official title with the Cubs is Director of Strategic Initiatives for Baseball Operations.

Here’s a quick break down of what Breslow will do with the Cubs.


And that’s where we are with this team on the week of Cubs Convention. The big move? Signing a former pitcher to work for baseball operations.

Oh, and who can forget the big free agent splash that was Dan Descalso.