Goose Island took advantage of Cody Parkey’s missed 43-yard field goal against the Eagles last week that bounced the Bears out of the playoffs by offering fans a chance to make that same kick and win beer in the process. And get a whole bunch of free publicity too.

The field goal challenged happened on Saturday and well the first guy who apparently waited five hours to go first pretty much set the tone for the 100 participants.

Kinda shitty they didn’t clean the area for him, but it’s called Bear weather, deal with it. Anyway, there were just a hand full of fans who came close to hitting the 43-yarder, but at the end of the day they had the same luck as Parkey.

And we also got a brutal nut shot.

Nut shots, always a knee slapper.

Anyway, you all suck just like Cody Parkey.