Cody Parkey is not the most popular human being in the city of Chicago right now. He just had one of the worst seasons a kicker has had in recent memory for the Bears, missing 11 kicks in total. Two of them happened to cost them victories. The first coming in overtime against the Miami Dolphins and of course the far bigger one in the playoffs against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles.

This is the same guy who received $9 million in guaranteed money from the Bears during the offseason. That’s a ton of cash for doing one simple thing: kicking the ball through the uprights. He couldn’t even get that right. While it’s unfortunate that he received some backlash that went over the line at times, it’s hard to feel sorry for the guy.

It doesn’t stop there though. Just days after costing Chicago their first chance at a playoff victory in eight years, Parkey accepted an invitation to tell his sob story to the people of the Today Show. Not only is this a pointless grab for attention, but it also will force Bears fans to relive that moment again and again.

Cody Parkey won’t find any sympathy from the people he needs it the most

The timing of all this is strange. Why in the world would Parkey do it? Maybe he feels it’s important to send a message about persevering through adversity. That sounds nice and all, but it certainly isn’t sending the right message. The guy got himself in hot water when it was revealed he couldn’t even be bothered to commute to Soldier Field for practice.

Now he’s pulling a PR stunt rather than buckling down and getting back to work like a professional would. The Bears may continue to insist they have Parkey’s back, but this move is only increasing the calls for them to cut their losses and move on.