This still gets done and the hold up is probably because the two sides are likely working out the final details of a contract. However, despite several reports indicating that Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde has been hired as Orioles manager, Baltimore’s front office isn’t ready to say it’s a done deal.

First, Joel Sherman reported it was close and then Ken Rosenthal broke the news of the apparent hiring.

But not so fast!

Via the Baltimore Sun.

Team officials have not confirmed Hyde’s selection, though Elias had the chance to do so when he met with reporters Tuesday evening in his suite. Earlier in the media session, Elias said he hadn’t narrowed the six-candidate pool down to one, and hadn’t even crossed possible candidates from his list. He said he was “closer in the sense that I continue to work on this hire,” but that he would not anticipate it being completed by the time the winter meetings ended Thursday. He reiterated that after Hyde’s selection was addressed as premature.

“I think I need to hire a manager first,” Elias said. “I need to choose one first, and that’s step one. Once that’s the case, there’s all kinds of logistics involved. I have no way of predicting that. As I said, I think knowing where we’re at right now, I think it would be very challenging to complete this hire here in Vegas.”

Pretty weird considering at least three different publications reported the hiring, including Mark Gonzales from the Chicago Tribune.

Well, hopefully this doesn’t completely fall apart for Hyde, as it would be his first manager position in the big leagues, but man why is everything always handled poorly with the Orioles? What a mess.

Anyway, if Hyde eventually does become the manager in Baltimore, the speculation has turned to David Ross possibly becoming the bench coach to Joe Maddon.

But as happy as that reunion may be there’s no doubt that there could be some real uncomfortable moments for Joe Maddon. If the team starts off slow, or has a prolonged slump during the 2019 season, Ross will certainly be hyped up as his successor if he’s already in the dugout as bench coach.

For now Maddon doesn’t seemed too worried about his future and has one thing in mind. Winning the World Series.

We’ll all take that.