The Cubs still need to hire a bench coach and although David Ross is the fan-favorite and even appears to be the number one choice for the team, the former catcher will reportedly not take the position.

According to 670 The Score’s Bruce Levine, it doesn’t look like Ross wants the job and the Cubs have started to check in with other candidates. One of them is Mark DeRosa.

Although Ross to the Cubs bench seems like the perfect situation, he’s been hesitant before about getting back into baseball on an every day basis. He has young kids and a pretty sweet broadcast gig.

And if Levine’s sources are correct and the Cubs have checked in with DeRosa for the position, it’ll actually be the second time they’ve tried to hire him this year.

Back in March Jon Heyman reported that the Cubs tried to hire Aaron Boone, Raul Ibanez, who the front office viewed as possible future candidates to be managers in MLB.

Via Jon Heyman.

The Cubs identified three potential future managers to try to convince to come as coaches (one of whom now has a managing job), but Mark DeRosa, Raul Ibanez and Aaron Boone wound up not coming. Theo Epstein, upon seeing Boone was going to be named Yankees manager, jokingly told him that “it must have been a tough choice — Yankees manager of Cubs quality assurance coach.”

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Jesse Rogers reported that Ibanez might also be considered for the bench coaching job.

And of course Boone was hired by the Yankees as their manager.

As far as DeRosa goes, maybe he could make a good bench coach, but actually on second thought please stay away from the Cubs.

And it actually sounds like DeRosa won’t be the guy either along with Ross.

Via Patrick Mooney.

The Cubs contacted Mark DeRosa, but at this point he’s very comfortable with his high-profile role on MLB Network and not viewed as a realistic candidate for the job, sources told The Athletic.

While there is an obvious interest in David Ross expanding his responsibilities, and spending more time around the team, the sense now is that “Grandpa Rossy” still feels the pull of staying close to his family and prefers to balance his time between his home in Florida, while working for ESPN and as a special assistant to Epstein and the baseball operations department.

At this point, it might be Ibanez’s job if he wants it.