Just when you thought that the Cubs had their coaching staff set for 2019, the Orioles swoop and have hired bench coach Brandon Hyde as their next manager.

Hyde was one of at least four candidates to interview for the position and it was his fifth managerial interview this offseason.

First, congrats to Brandon on his first managing job and second good luck because it is real tough time over in Baltimore.

All right, so who’s going to be the next bench coach for the Cubs?

He was kind of a candidate before, but Hyde eventually got the job. Yet, if you read into Jed Hoyer’s comments from Monday, it seems like the Cubs want Ross to have a bigger role with the club.

I mean, just read this quote from Hoyer.

“David Ross’s mere presence was helpful to the club,” Hoyer said. “I think the guys trust him. The timing of David Ross being on the team was perfect. Our young guys were 21 and 22 years old. He had a strong influence on them. So when he is around, they gravitate towards him. We could not hire anyone from the outside that good (with) that kind of influence. Having him around is really valuable. I think he will have a big impact.”

It’s already the middle of December and it’s very easy to envision the Cubs just staying in house to get their new bench coach.

Just a thought, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Ross ends up replacing Hyde.