The Cardinals have fallen behind in the NL Central since they last won the division crown in 2015. Yet, you can’t say they’re not trying to get back to the top and they just pulled off a huge trade.

On Wednesday, the Cardinals traded for Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who isn’t just one of the best offensive threats in the National League, but he absolutely kills the Cubs.

Here’s Goldschmidt’s slash line against the Cubs in his career.

.353/.471/.699, with 14 home runs, 33 walks, 37 runs scored and 39 RBIs in 187 plate appearances. Basically what Albert Pujols did to the Cubs when he was with the Cardinals is what Goldschmidt has done so far in his career against the Cubs.

Goldschmidt, 31, will be a free agent after 2019. His salary will be $14.5 million next season. Since 2013, the lowest fWAR he’s put up has been 4.3 in 2014.

Your move, Theo.