Chicago Bears quarterbacks are measured in two tiers. One is a normal tier in which they’re judged on their play against 30 other teams in the NFL. Then there’s the more important tier. How well do they play against the Green Bay Packers? Make no mistake. That is something that has gotten plenty of quarterbacks¬†demoted or cut. Ask Mike Glennon. Mitch Trubisky is no different.

If he’s studied up on his Bears history, he would know most would compare him to Jay Cutler. Love him or hate him for his somewhat quirky personality, Cutler was the most prolific quarterback the team has ever had in terms of production. His 23,443 yards and 154 touchdowns are both franchise¬†records.

He also delivered one of the best playoff performances in team history with his four-TD effort against Seattle in 2010. Yet many people don’t consider him a favorite these days. Why? A huge part of it was his long and ugly history against the Packers. One that his successor is in the process of rewriting.

Mitch Trubisky is succeeding where Cutler failed with the Packers

They say first impressions are everything. It wasn’t a good sign back in 2009 when Cutler played Green Bay in his first game as a Bear and threw up four interceptions in a 21-15 loss. All told the man would be tortured by the Packers his entire career in Chicago, going just 2-12 against them with an unprecedented 23 interceptions in that span.

He always seemed to save his worst games for Green Bay and it became a running joke after awhile. Bears fans were left wondering if anybody would come along that could do the opposite for once. After witnessing what happened on Sunday, it’s becoming safe to say that Trubisky is indeed becoming that guy.

Cutler had a passer rating of 90 or better against the Packers twice in 13 games spanning eight seasons. Trubisky has now done it twice in three games spanning less than two full seasons. His 120.3 rating in the division clincher was the highest a Bears quarterback has had against Green Bay since 2000.

To top it off? He still hasn’t thrown an interception against them. Keep in mind Cutler was in the prime of his NFL career at that time. Trubisky has started just 24 games in his career thus far. To think he’s played that under control already bodes well for the future. Imagine when he’s even more entrenched in the offensive system.

Things could get interesting in a hurry.