Kyle Fuller is on his way to being an All-Pro in 2018. A dramatic turnaround for the former 1st round pick considering he missed all of 2016 with a knee injury. Most left him for dead at that point. Now the Chicago Bears cornerback has six interceptions with four games left to play. He has an argument for being one of, if not the best at his position in the NFL this year.

So how has this incredible blossoming come about? Being healthy was the first part, naturally. Then there’s his own talent. However, in order to take things to the next level defensive coordinator Vic Fangio made it clear to him that he would have to embrace the mental side of the game. Learn to study opponents inside and out.

This was something he started to get into more last year when his contract was becoming a factor. He ended up having the best season of his career to that point, earning a lucrative new deal from the Bears as a result. Since then it seems he’s only gotten crazier with the film study.

Kyle Fuller watches tape at all times and in all places

Normally game film review is reserved for during the day at Halas Hall or maybe on the TV in the morning or at night. Not for somebody like Fuller. It seems he’s truly become a film junky. Khalil Mack was asked about it and he┬árevealed a rather amazing story of the craziest time he ever saw the corner start watching film.

“We were at dinner one night. We were at RPM Italian. Yeah, I think he pulled his phone or something. I don’t know what he had on him at the time but, yeah. Kyle is a student of the game and um, yeah, he pulled his film out any and everywhere.”

That is so great and explains a lot. People think veterans are kidding and overexaggerating when they say the key to success at the pro level is to keep your nose in the playbook and the film room. Some guys just don’t want to listen because they think they can get back with their talent alone. That may be true for a couple of years, but the game catches up fast.

Fuller is making sure that he isn’t going to be some one-year wonder. He aims to stick around for a long time, and this is the way to do it.