Mitch Trubisky seems to have overcome his rust factor after missing two games with a shoulder injury. The past two games against Green Bay and San Francisco he’s thrown three touchdowns without anĀ interceptionĀ 100+ passer ratings. His second half against the 49ers was especially good as he engineered both the drive to regain the lead 14-9 but also the drive that drained away most of the 4th quarter.

With 7:37 left in the game, Chicago got the ball back. They needed to give the defense some breathing space and try to chew up some clock. Trubisky started things off well, hitting Anthony Miller for 12 yards on the first place. He completed three more passes before things set up for 4th and 1 at the Bears 36-yard line.

Rather than punt the ball, head coach Matt Nagy elected to go for it. It seemed like a situation that called for Jordan Howard. No doubt the 49ers were expecting that. Instead it was Trubisky taking the snap and lunging forward on a sneak for the first down. Immediately afterward, an unnamed 49ers player could be heard call him a “sneaky bastard.”

Mitch Trubisky was indeed the “Pretty Boy Assassin” that day

One can understand the frustration. San Francisco knew if they got a stop they had a chance to win the game with a touchdown, claiming one of the biggest upsets of the year. That moment was their best opportunity to pull it off and, in their minds, Trubisky took the cheap way out by choosing to sneak it.

After that play, the Bears managed to get another first down and drain two more precious minutes off the clock. They would’ve won the game outright when Trubisky hit Allen Robinson on a slant for another conversion if he’d bothered to just go down rather than keep running. San Francisco forced him to fumble.

Thankfully the defense took care of business in the final moments, turning the 49ers away before they could get near the end zone.