Joe Ricketts, Tom’s dad, is obviously known as a hardcore conservative, who hates unions, hated Obama and even donated money to other candidates in the Republican primaries opposing Donald Trump before he became the GOP presidential candidate.

Joe doesn’t really like to be in the public, rarely gives interviews, but his personal beliefs are pretty much known. He started, launching the website in 2009 in New York and eventually expanded to Chicago. Ricketts then shut the company down less than a week after a unionization vote by the workers in the media website. That left 115 people out of a job in New York and Chicago.

Molly Osberg from Splinter wrote about the billionaire and included several leaked emails.

The one that’s getting the most attention is the following, where Ricketts complains about unions once again and somehow compares himself to a slave because…what?

Joe Ricketts, an asshole? Completely shocked!

You can read the entire article with the rest of the emails here.