Maybe this took longer than first expected, but all along Tommy Hottovy was seen as the favorite to become the next pitching coach for the Cubs and now that’s official.

Hottovy, 37, has been with the Cubs for a few years, working with the scouting department as the run prevention coordinator.

The Cubs also added Chris Denorfia to Joe Maddon’s staff. Denorfia was a special assistant to the front office in 2018.

Catching coach Mike Borzello is also getting a bigger role with the team.

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Quick recap of his career.

Hottovy’s been working with Cubs pitchers since 2015, breaking down video and his biggest strength might just be communication.

“We’re working with our R&D guys and have to be able to speak their language – we have to be able to speak sabermetrics – and he have to be able to translate that to the coaches. We also have to be able to answer questions from the players. It’s a role that combines three facets: front office, research and development, and the players and coaches. We have to speak all three languages, and build the trust of the people who are taking it to the field every night.”

-Tommy Hottovy

Hottovy takes over after Jim Hickey stepped down from the position in November. Hickey said the decision was because of personal reasons.