The Chicago Bears are in the midst of their first winning season since 2012 and their first playoff run since 2010. As anybody knows, with team success also comes individual accolades. Over the past three seasons, the Bears have a produced exactly one Pro Bowl player. That was Jordan Howard during his memorable rookie campaign in 2016. Other than that it’s been a practical shutout.

Not since 2013 has the team sent at least two players. That was the year Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery both went along with Matt Forte, Kyle Long, and Tim Jennings. It’s crazy to think that was only five years ago and only one of those players is on the roster anymore. That being Long and he’s nowhere near the former he showed back then due to injuries.

Not that the Bears are complaining. They have a new generation of stars carrying the franchise forward and those men got their due as it was announced on NFL Network that no fewer than five players have made it this year as starters.

There was also a healthy contingent that made it as alternates too: Mitch Trubisky, Cody Whitehair, Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith, Trey Burton, Danny Trevathan, and Charles Leno. Some people may disagree with some of those names listed but the fact is this has been one of the best teams in the NFL this year. Each man earned their way into those respective spots.

The best part of all may be the fact that Brian Urlacher could end up captaining the team for some of them when the game goes down. This of course presuming any of them actually participate. Much will depend how far the Bears goes in the playoffs. If it’s the conference championship or Super Bowl, it won’t be happening. Still, it’s a big honor and a sign of how far the team has come.