Here’s the thing, if the Cubs make a trade involving one of their big money contracts that aren’t necessarily desirable, then I guarantee Bryce Harper signs with them.

The rumors are picking up steam, connecting the Cubs and Harper, despite national reports saying the Cubs are out. That just doesn’t make any sense. Why completely eliminate yourself from going after a guy on Dec. 11? Anyway, there are conflicting reports whether or not the Phillies are still going to be pursuing Harper after they signed Andrew McCutchen to a three-year contract worth $50 million, but there’s also this.

The second part of that headline isn’t really anything new, as it’s been repeated many times lately. The Cubs have to get creative this offseason, having to unload some of their payroll to have a shot at signing Harper.

Yet, the first part is definitely something to pay attention to. It seems like Harper’s preference is to play for the Cubs and he might just wait to sign until they can make it happen.

Tom Loxas expanded on that in Cubs Insider.

That is indeed the case, according to a source with knowledge of the situation who said the Cubs have not ruled out a legitimate play for Harper. The superstar outfielder has made it clear that he enjoys Chicago and it’s believed he would like to play for the Cubs, so he is hoping the front office can find a way to make it happen.

But obviously there’s the issue about the money which at this point remains a hurdle for the Cubs.

The Cubs are viewed as having a solid chance to land Harper, another source said, but it’s nowhere near a sure thing. The money situation will obviously be key here, though it’s not as simple as which team writes the biggest check. Even if the Cubs are Harper’s preferred destination and he would be willing to take less to play there, neither Boras nor the union would be in favor of such a decision.

But hey, I much more believe that Harper is waiting to see if the Cubs can figure it out and move money to get a deal done with him than believing the Cubs are completely out of the running for him.

And yes, I still think the White Sox and Phillies are very much in the discussion, however it makes the most sense for Harper to end up with the Cubs or Dodgers.

This isn’t bashing the White Sox or Phillies, but their chances of being a championship contender are still very slim in 2019, and only speculative for the future. The Dodgers and Cubs are proven winners in the National League. It just makes sense that Harper would pick one of them.

And before this post ends I want to share this reddit rumor.

I know, you’re probably over this shit and just want some concrete info, but guess what, two dudes who go by KatyPerrysBootyHole and wetbutt23 broke the Jose Quintana trade in 2017, and this guy had Yu Darvish picking the Cubs back in February.

Now, RickGeresGerbilWheel has this supposed inside info.

Here’s the link to that on reddit.

Hey, we’re just having some fun with rumors, but the Cubs are definitely in on Bryce Harper. And man, if they make a trade, don’t be surprised if signing Harper is their next move.