Seems the Green Bay Packers can’t escape negative publicity lately. Just days after suffering the most humiliating loss in recent memory against Arizona and firing head coach Mike McCarthy for it, one of their all-time greatest legends found himself in hot water. It would seem that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was caught posting a video in support of a group called the GDL boys for their work with U.S. veterans

Only it was later revealed that the “GDL” in their name stood for “Goyim Defense League.” Goyim being a word in Hebrew to describe people who are not Jewish. In other words, it’s a blatant anti-semitic organization. Favre had no idea this was the case and later apologized for the mistake, promising to pay the $500 fee to charities. Either way, it’s a bad look for the former quarterback.

Favre is not the first celebrity to be duped in this fashion. Rapper Soulja Boy and comedian Andy Dick also fell victim to this same group. The Packers great made it clear that his role in the video was made in good faith with zero knowledge of the GDL affiliations.

“I was distressed to learn that the request came from an anti-Semitic group that reposted my video with comments implying that I endorsed their mission,” he wrote Saturday. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Favre never had any previous history of racist or anti-semitic behavior. One would think after spending 20 years in NFL locker rooms with black and other minority men that something would’ve come out about it. This seems like just an unfortunate accident.