It’s almost here, kids! No, not the annual Detroit Lions/Dallas Cowboys Turkey Day national showcase to prove which franchise is more annually disappointing these days, and no, not the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This Thanksgiving Weekend, we get something most of us middle-agers have dreamed of: Tiger vs Phil, alone on a course, with no limitations on wagering in any way, shape or form, with the winner taking home a minimum $9 million (unless the side bets go horribly wrong).

There’s already a $200,000 side bet between the two, and it feels like a basic starting point for the two competitive millionaires (Tiger is worth a reported $740 million; Phil reportedly worth $375 million). The event is recapturing the hearts and imagination of golf fans worldwide.

Since the event — in essence — is keyed around a giant $9 million wager, it’s only fitting Tiger vs Phil Watch Parties would arise on the “Day of Leftovers.” We would traditionally just eat cheezy smoofs, a delicious concoction my buddy Danny came up with one historic DoL. Now, we — and other fans enjoying the down time — get to eat turkey leftovers and watch history in the making. What better way to celebrate the event and the DoL holiday than leftovers, golf and some side bets amongst friends.

The sports books here in Vegas are ready to take your monies (if you’re local) via the gaming apps they provide for in-game betting, but you can still use these lines to help guide your own personal sports book, if you’re not in an “app-friendly” zip code. Hit up the ATM on the way to your friend’s house and break the bills down a few denominations with a quick stop for some boozy bevs.

Now get ready to start betting!

Local sports books have set the initial odds

Tiger is sitting at -205 to open the match, with Phil sitting at +175. Oddsmakers seem to love Tiger in this setting, and why not? He’s held the Tiger Jam on this very same Shadow Creek Golf Course for a while now. The match spread has Tiger winning by 1.5 holes (-115) or Phil winning by 1.5 holes (+240). You could also take Tiger +1.5 holes for -300. Here are some more side bets, via

First Golfer to Go 1-Up

Tiger Woods -125

Phil Mickelson -105

Leader After Nine Holes

Tiger Woods -170

Phil Mickelson +140

Will Either Golfer Win Three Consecutive Holes?

Yes +625

No -1000

Will There Be Extra Holes (All Square Through 18 Holes)?

Yes +700

No -1300

Will Either Player Drive the Green on Hole No. 11?

Yes +275

No -350

Will Phil Mickelson Record An Official Three-Putt?

Yes +700

No -2000

Will Phil Mickelson Record An Official Three-Putt?

Yes +800

No -2500

How Many Hole Concessions Will Be Made?

Over 2.5 -115

Under 2.5 -115

First Golfer To Go 1UP

Tiger Woods -120

Phil Mickelson EVEN

Which Golfer Will Lead After Nine Holes

Tiger Woods –170

Phil Mickelson +145

Will Either Golfer Win Three Consecutive Holes?

Yes +700

No -1100

Tiger Or Phil To Hit A Shot Into A Water Hazard

Yes +375

No -550

Tiger Or Phil To Hit A Shot Out Of Bounds

Yes +550

No -900

If you’re feeling really crazy, here are the odds for specific number of wins for each player in the final outcome.

Correct Score
Phil Mickelson wins 1 Up +1000
Phil Mickelson wins 2&1 +800
Phil Mickelson wins 3&2 +1200
Phil Mickelson wins 4&3 +2000
Phil Mickelson wins 5&4 +5000
Phil Mickelson wins 6&5 +15000
Phil Mickelson wins 7&5 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 8&7 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 9&8 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 10&8 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 2 Up +1600
Phil Mickelson wins 3&1 +3000
Phil Mickelson wins 4&2 +5000
Phil Mickelson wins 5&3 +8000
Phil Mickelson wins 6&4 +20000
Phil Mickelson wins 7&6 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 8&6 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins 9&7 +50000
Phil Mickelson wins in Extra Holes +1600

Tiger Woods wins 1 Up +700
Tiger Woods wins 10&8 +50000
Tiger Woods wins 2 Up +1200
Tiger Woods wins 2&1 +600
Tiger Woods wins 3&1 +2000
Tiger Woods wins 3&2 +800
Tiger Woods wins 4&2 +3000
Tiger Woods wins 4&3 +1200
Tiger Woods wins 5&3 +5000
Tiger Woods wins 5&4 +2500
Tiger Woods wins 6&4 +10000
Tiger Woods wins 6&5 +6000
Tiger Woods wins 7&5 +25000
Tiger Woods wins 7&6 +25000
Tiger Woods wins 8&6 +50000
Tiger Woods wins 8&7 +50000
Tiger Woods wins 9&7 +50000
Tiger Woods wins 9&8 +50000
Tiger Woods wins in Extra Holes +1200

If the book bets aren’t your style, feel free to run it “Skins” style. For the casual observer, draw numbers 1-18 for Tiger and then for Phil. With 36 numbers, every time your golfer doesn’t birdie the hole you were given, donate to the pot. Every time someone’s player or players hit a birdie, the pot goes to that/those player(s). If someone eagles a hole, you get the next hole, no matter what. If someone hits a hole-in-one, everyone gives all their money as well as their car keys to the winner.

Or, you can make it a drinking game. Pretty simple. Pick a player each hole. Take a shot when your player doesn’t win the hole. Repeat. 18 times. Like a boss.

Either way, this event is the stuff dreams are made of. Tiger. Phil. No betting limitations. Millions at stake. An afternoon of intensity like we’ve never seen before in two of the greatest competitors to ever set foot on a golf course. This is even cooler than the fictional Rannulph Junah-Walter Hagen-Bobby Jones match of 1930 or the 1996 pairing of Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore.

It’s time.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t devolve into an all-out brawl. In that case, I’ll take Tiger. For now, though, I’m going with Tiger overall by three. No guarantees except one: I’ll bet it’s gonna be a special day out at Shadow Creek.