Let me start off by saying that while the White Sox do have a chance to sign Manny Machado this off season, it is still a very slim chance. If he chooses to sign elsewhere though, it won’t be because the White Sox low-balled him on an offer. But that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to call out the White Sox fans that are stupid enough to not want the team to go after Machado at all after his actions against the Brewers last night.

For those that went to bed at an appropriate hour last night, I’ll fill you in:

There was a play last night where Machado hit a grounder to Orlando Arcia. While running through the bag it looked like he intentionally clipped Jesus Aguilar’s ankle.

This was definitely a dirty play. That cannot be argued. However, Aguilar had the out secured and kept his foot on the bag, so it could be argued that both players were at fault.

Then there’s the fact that Manny Machado openly stated that he doesn’t really hustle.

Obviously I’m not going to change. I’m not the type of player that’s going to be ‘Johnny hustle’

Look, his comments and then the dirty play at first base with Aguilar definitely don’t make him look like a great guy, but he’s still a great PLAYER. I woke up this morning to White Sox twitter actually abandoning ship on the potential Machado signing after his actions last night. Some were even saying that they would have to get a new manager because Renteria benches players that don’t hustle. SO WHAT! You’re telling me that you’d rather have Ricky Renteria managing the team than Manny Machado playing on it? That is just absurd to me. For the past calendar year White Sox fans (myself included) have been drooling over the thought of Machado playing for the South Side. Now a large portion of those fans don’t want him anymore? What is wrong with you people? How often does an All-Star Gold Glover in his prime become available at a specific position of need? Maybe once every 10 years. (Although Bryce Harper falls into that category as well).

For the Sox fans that would rather wait for Nolan Arenado, I ask you this: What if Colorado decides to lock him up long term? What if he does leave Colorado and his splits away from Coors Field suffer?

Again, do I think the White Sox have a good chance to sign Machado? Probably not. But they still have SOME chance. And the Sox fans that want to just throw that chance away altogether after last night are obviously content with sucking. I’m not, and I know other Sox fans aren’t either.

Machado’s comments and actions last night change nothing about the White Sox plans this off-season. That I can guarantee you.