Pedro Strop has been with the Cubs for six seasons and has a career 2.63 ERA with Chicago. In 2018, Strop had a 2.26 ERA, saving 13 games, while filling in for closer Brandon Morrow. By the way, that 2.26 ERA made it six straight years that Strop ended the year with an ERA below three. Yes, no reliever has ever accomplished that before him. No one’s even done it five years in a row before Strop.

Unfortunately Strop’s regular season was cut short because he strained his hamstring against the Nationals on Sept. 13, after running out a ground ball in extra innings. He was able to come back for the Wild Card Game against the Rockies and if you ever doubted how much Strop cares about the Cubs, then check out this story.

Strop pitched a scoreless ninth inning on Tuesday against the Rockies after the Cubs tied the game and he did so still in pain from the hamstring strain. But he wanted to help his guys and said nothing.

Not only did Strop come back, he was great and looked like he never missed any time. But he did that knowing that he wouldn’t be able to pitch in the NLDS if the Cubs could have come through in the Wild Card Game.

Pedro Strop putting it all on the line to give his guys a chance to move on. Badass.