The last couple of weeks have been anything but comedy for the Chicago Cubs. They’ve seen a five game lead dwindle to just one and are in the midst of a ’30 games in 30 days’ stretch that can be attributed to MLB being complete morons and making the team literally fly into a hurricane today to play a make-up game against the Washington Nationals.

I’ll save you the time and a lot of curse words from me venting about the MLB’s decision to have the team fly east right now but instead I’ll provide the mindset of a team in the middle of the tightest divisional battle in all of baseball.

After last night’s crushing loss to the Milwaukee Brewers, some pictures began to circulate of the team on their flight to Washington D.C. I don’t have to say it, but one player sure looks a bit out of place before the plane took off.

Rizzo may have been doing this stunt to help the team forget about the divisional lead or he may have just felt like wearing his goddamn uniform on the plane since the team seems to play every f*cking day for the past six months.

I’d like to think this was Rizzo’s way of taking a subtle shot at the MLB for their decision to play today’s game and Rizzo thinking something along the lines of, “Well we play every goddamn day this month so why even take my uniform off?”

If the uniform on the plane wasn’t enough, Rizzo continued the trend on the way to the park today.

I’m hoping this is Rizzo’s way of subtly telling MLB to go f*ck themselves for their scheduling blunder but knowing Rizzo, he’s probably just trying to keep the mood light in the Cubs clubhouse.

We’ll see if the stunt works as the Cubs take on the Nationals at 3:05 today (unless the hurricane wipes out all of the east coast.)