The Chicago Cubs lost 10-6 on Sunday to the San Diego Padres, with the game ending on this strike three call on Anthony Rizzo by home plate umpire Angel Hernandez.

Rizzo was obviously pissed about the call and had a lengthy discussion with Hernandez.

After the game Rizzo called out the umpire, saying these calls happen too often.

Hernandez is still in Chicago Monday, umpiring the White Sox vs. Yankees series and the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan caught up with him.

Hernandez admitted he was wrong.

Umpires receive reviews of every game, and Hernandez said he saw a video of the pitch after the game. He confirmed Rizzo’s assessment of the call.

“It was a cut fastball, three inches off the plate,” Hernandez said. “Rizzo was right.”

“I’m not perfect,” Hernandez said.

OK, cool, he admitted he was wrong, although he was obviously wrong so not much different he could have said there, but how about taking the next step and quitting? Because yes, no one is perfect, but also Angel Hernandez isn’t very good at umpiring either.

Whatever, just keep having these awful umpires continually making the wrong calls.