One of the most irritating things you’ll see and hear from part of the fan base for the Chicago Cubs is the overblown criticism of Pedro Strop. One bad appearance against the St. Louis Cardinals and some fans all of a sudden forget that since the Cubs traded for him in 2013, Strop has been one of the best relievers in their franchise history.

No, that’s not an exaggeration. Pedro Strop is one of the best relievers in a Cubs uniform during their entire existence.

Strop has been filling in for Brandon Morrow as the closer and picked up two more saves this past weekend against the San Diego Padres. Strop is on his way to a sixth consecutive season with a sub 3.00 ERA, which again he would be the only reliever to accomplish in the history of the Cubs.

Not only is he underrated among his own fan base, but across baseball too. Whether the stupid noise coming from idiot fans, who are bothered by how Strop wears his hat that may take attention away from his performance, there’s no question that the righty produces year in and year out.

Not only has Strop been a steady reliever with the Cubs, but he’s been the best teammate this team could have ever asked for.

I mean, c’mon, just read this quote.

If you don’t like Pedro Strop, then you just have a huge dump in your pants.