Pretty simple guys, through 110 games this season, Javier Baez is putting up equally as good numbers as Kris Bryant did through his first 110 games in 2016, when he ended up winning the National League MVP.

For whatever reason the thought of Baez being in the MVP discussion hurts some people’s feelings, or makes them irrationally angry despite the Chicago Cubs second baseman being and all around wizard, leading the league in slugging, while also being a great base runner and playing gold glove defense where ever he starts.

But fine, if the eye test isn’t good enough for you, then let’s compare Baez to the 2016 MVP through the same amount of games.

So, Bryant has a much higher OBP and 15 more runs scored, however, Baez’s batting average is 17 points higher, has 18 more RBIs and his slugging is 50 points higher, more than making up for the .335 OBP.

Baez is essentially having Kris Bryant’s MVP season, but where Bryant excelled in walking more, Baez is slugging more. At the same point in the two seasons, Baez has 63 extra base hits, (25 HR, 31 2B, 7 3B) while Bryant had 54 extra base hits, with his 28 home runs and 26 doubles.

So, stop bringing up Baez’s OBP as if that’s an indicator that the rest of his game is lacking. By the way, we can all agree that Baez is a way better defender and all around just more exciting to watch play baseball. Oh, and he’s carrying the Cubs right now to the best record in the NL.

Anyway, that was just a quick comparison to give you an idea that Baez is for real, but comparing him to this year’s candidates in the MVP race and you get the same conclusion.

Javier Baez belongs to be in the MVP talk.

4.3 fWAR – 3rd

25 HRs – 6th

.302 batting average – 10th

.594 slugging – 1st

71 runs – 6th

88 RBIs – 1st

31 doubles – 4th

124 hits  – 8th

7 triples – 3rd

141 wRC+ – 7th

19 stolen bases – 5th

Javier Baez is a legitimate MVP candidate whether you like it or not because he can do this…

…and then this.

It’s no longer hype. El Mago for MVP is real.