One thing we’ve learned about Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace is that he must love HBO. Or at least the popular HBO series “Hard Knocks.” For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a series that follows an NFL team through training camp and preseason every year, detailing the struggles of assembling a competitive roster. It’s been around since 2001 and gained significant popularity.

While the Bears have been fortunate in avoiding this unwanted distraction as a team, Pace seems to have made it his mission to bring a little piece of that action to Chicago. Why? Each of the past three years the Bears GM has gone out of his way to acquire on notable name who featured prominently on the program.

In 2015 he traded a future sixth round pick for Houston Texans tight end Khari Lee, whose biggest claim to fame at this point is an incredible impression of his former head coach Bill O’Brien. Two years ago he scooped up guard Eric Kush who became quite the personality during the Los Angeles Rams appearance that year.

Even last year was no exception as the Bears claimed kicker Roberto Aguayo off waivers after the former second round pick was cut by Tampa Bay.

Despite mixed results, expect Ryan Pace to continue the trend

Thus far Pace can’t say this method is foolproof. Lee did little in his two seasons with the team. Aguayo was cut not too long after he arrived. Kush is the best of the bunch so far, proving to be a dependable backup at both guard and center. With the Cleveland Browns being the host team this year, are there any names from the early going that may end up finding their way onto the Bears roster?

An early name to monitor must be defensive end Carl Nassib. He already made a name for himself on the program when he was filmed giving fellow teammates an explanation of how they can save their money through basic economics. So not only does that proves he’s a good teammate but is also highly intelligent. Two big selling points for Pace.

Not only that, but there are two other factors in his favor. He’s a pass rusher, something the Bears are starved for in recent months due to veteran losses and injuries. Also, there’s an undercurrent of belief that the former third round pick may be on the roster bubble depending on how camp and the preseason go for him.

He’s still just 25-years old and may be a better fit at outside linebacker who he can put his athletic traits to better use. Time will tell if other candidates emerge over the next month.