Ok, before anyone says that it’s just the summer league, you need to realize there hasn’t been a lot of excitement for the Bulls organization in a while. On draft night, the Wendell Carter Jr. selection was very skeptical, because no one knew exactly how he would fit, or what he could bring to the Hoiball system. Maybe it was because he was playing in Marvin Bagley’s shadow. Bagley was getting all of the hype, and people weren’t paying attention to Carter Jr. That being said, Carter Jr. is no longer is in that position and he has shown what he can bring to the table for the future of this Bulls team.

Defensively, Carter Jr. is a dominant force in the paint. He gives the Bulls that interior defensive threat that they desperately need. He can rebound the ball, but his defensive effort and having the ability to block shots is phenomenal.

Ten blocks in three games says a lot about how strong of a player he is defensively.

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That being said, what impresses me the most is his offensive game. He has shown he can be an all-around offensive scorer. A big man, who can score in the paint, and yet also shoot the perimeter shot for a good percentage. Tonight, every point Carter scored was in the paint, except for one three pointer he made. Carter Jr. is an efficient scorer in the paint and it’s just so much fun to watch. Watch the way he attacks the paint with such a high motor, not giving up on the play.

His strong post play is why he would be such a great compliment to Lauri Markkanen. The Bulls could use him as a weapon on the outside, while Carter Jr. can control the paint, spacing the floor and getting shooters open.

I wasn’t convinced at first, but after watching him play in the Summer League, you have to be excited about the combination of Carter Jr. and Markkanen together on the floor.