We’ve learned a few things in the past half hour about White Sox players Jose Abreu and Yoan Moncada: Both are terrible artists. This might strike some of you as surprising given their physical gifts, but just watch the brutes scribble away at the easel.

Besides the playful giggling from Abreu and the soprano chortles from Moncada, this experiment was a disaster. Moncada turns Abreu into “el che” (Che Guevara) and Abreu turns Moncada into the elephant man. (I mean, what’s up with the cerulean nose?).

At one point Abreu promises to portray Moncada as a handsome man but later admits to drawing one ear bigger than the other. Moncada, on the other hand, really digs into his mission as he scribbles away. Clearly, Abreu was worried about his portrayal with Moncada’s long strokes that looked like stretch marks.

Frankly, an elephant could do better, but SoxTV does a great job of making these players uncomfortable.