Vince Carter has been doing color commentary during NBA Summer League games and it’s safe to say he is really talented at it. Maybe this can be Carter’s career after basketball. Vince was articulate in his analysis, was easy to follow and a true pleasure to listen to.  Vince was commentating during a Bulls summer league game and took notice of Bulls first-round draft pick, Wendell Carter Jr.

Now, this doesn’t mean Vince wants to come to Chicago but, it would surely make a lot of sense. The Bulls have a ton of cap space and not many veterans on the squad with Vince Carter’s experience and accolades. In addition to the Bulls having cap space, they have a few young athletic players who have similar games to a young V.C.

Zach Lavine is the first to come to mind. Zach is an athletic two guard who can get to the rim at will and shoot the three. Obviously, no one knows if Zach can or will turn into a future Hall of Famer like Vince will be but, with the similar play styles maybe Carter can offer his advice to Lavine on how to be a more complete player.

Chandler Hutchison is also another wing player that could greatly benefit from Vince Carter. Vince had a toolset that was complete when he was at his best in the NBA. Carter could literally do it all from rebounding to scoring to getting his teammates involved. Hutchison with his athleticism and IQ could learn a thing or two from V.C.

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Not that this is any indicator that Vince would want to come to Chicago but he does see potential in some of the Bulls young players.

Carter is 41 years-old and likely entering his last NBA season. Why wouldn’t he want to go out like Kevin Garnett did? Go to a young team and try and help mentor the younger players and share his knowledge and experience with them to help them grow.

Only time will tell of course if he chooses to come to Chicago and take on the mentor role for his last season. Selfishly, I would love to see it. Vince was one of the most polarizing figures in basketball when I was a young kid. Nostalgia and what could have been will be the thought in many fans minds but watching him help our future players learn the tricks of the trade will be just as good.