All right, so Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Chicago Cubs have talked about acquiring a veteran leader for the clubhouse, basically another David Ross and then Jon Heyman is linking the Cubs to outfielder Derek Dietrich.


Here’s Rosenthal’s scoop on the Cubs in The Athletic, as the team has apparently shown some degree of interest in outfielders Adam Jones and Curtis Granderson, among others.

Via The Athletic.

The Chicago Cubs have held internal discussions about acquiring a veteran leader such as the Orioles’ Adam Jones or Toronto Blue Jays’ Curtis Granderson and also reached out to other clubs about the possibility, sources tell me and The Athletic’s Jayson Stark.

Yet, Rosenthal immediately follows that up by saying a move such as that is unlikely to happen.

Then, Heyman reported the Cubs might have interest in Miami Marlins outfielder Derek Dietrich.

Dietrich doesn’t fit the veteran mold, as he’s 28-years-old and here’s the thing, the Cubs already have that leadership in the clubhouse with Anthony Rizzo, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and Jon Lester.

So, that angle of getting an older guy just doesn’t make any sense. Also, consider that Kris Bryant will be back with the team in the next couple days, meaning the bench will have Zobrist, Ian Happ, Tommy La Stella and the backup catcher. The bullpen has eight pitchers and it doesn’t look like the Cubs will change that any time soon.

Adding another position player, unless it’s a veteran catcher, just doesn’t fit with the Cubs right now.

Unless…unless the Cubs are planning on making several deals and maybe even a big move?

Let’s play the what if game. What if the real reason they’re reportedly looking at outfielders is because they’re setting up a trade of one of their own position players for a pitcher and need that extra bat for backup on the bench.

I’m reaching here. I have no clue what to make of these rumors.

I mean, maybe the second one about Dietrich is just to drive up the price if the Brewers are actually interested?

Anyway, going back to the first one about Jones and Granderson, hard hard hard pass on Jones. At least Granderson has an .804 OPS in 211 at-bats with the Toronto Blue Jays and is only making $5 million this year.

Hmmm, the Blue Jays huh? Maybe there is something there with J.A. Happ too?

The Cubs Should Definitely Do This Trade For J.A. Happ

Or you know, this is all bullshit. It’s that time of the year.