Don’t be fooled. Most sports analysts, particularly in the realm of radio and televisions aren’t locked into their loyalties. It’s a cutthroat business and the most important thing to them is saying the thing that will get them the right kind of attention. Widespread support is good. Colin Cowherd is a perfect example. He’s a smart guy. He knows when to say things that are a bit controversial but also when to settle back and do what everyone else does.

One need not look any further than his stance on Mitch Trubisky. More than a few times Cowherd has made it known he’s a fan of the young Chicago Bears quarterback. He believes Trubisky has the makings of a future star presuming the team can get the right pieces around him.

Here’s the thing though. Cowherd is a liar. That’s not a slight at the man. It’s just the simple truth. He lies because it’s easy and he knows a lot of people have short attention spans and won’t remember prior comments that might negate his supposed stance. Trubisky, as stated before, is a prime example.

Colin Cowherd has flipflopped on Trubisky for over a year

There’s even some proof. It actually started way back right after the 2017¬†draft. Cowherd, during one of his shows, was set to pick who his winners of the draft were. During his opening monologue, he openly praised the San Francisco 49ers for their decision to move down in the first round and was also quoted as saying “it’s not a good quarterback draft.”

Months later he was declaring Trubisky as a future MVP as the tweet above proved. Now here we are again. Cowherd was preparing for the upcoming 2018 season like everybody else. If he’s a Trubisky fan as he claims, then one would think he’d have reasonably high expectations for the Bears this year, right?

Apparently not if his NFC North predictions are any indication.

Cowherd explained his reasoning for the record as a lack of great vibes from the situation. A new coach, new offensive coordinator and a tough first seven games of the schedule. Even so, to have them finish with the exact same record as last year when one of his favorite young quarterbacks is under center?

It’s merely proof that Cowherd has no consistency in his stances. He moves to areas of opinion that suit his situation best. Optimism is low on the Bears right now because they’re in a tough division and haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. Did he dare to stand by his belief in Trubisky and predict improvement?

Nope. He went the same direction almost everyone else has because that’s where the popular wind is blowing.