So, this has become a thing. A group of diehard White Sox fans from section 108 at Guaranteed Rate Field has turned their twitter handle into a verb. What has become known as “108ing” — snapping photos of delicious brews around ballparks far and wide — is quickly becoming a social media phenomenon. And we fully endorse this behavior (responsibly of course).

Although the band of 108 brothers (and sisters) has been hidden in anonymity for years, the trend and idea has been flushed out of the gutters and into popularity.

And we can now add White Sox outfielder Daniel Palka to the 108-base.

It didn’t end there. Palka spent quite a few tweets on the subject, tossing in a few GIFs to 108ers that might have tickled their fancies.

Well, it seems Palka has quite a sense of humor. I bet he is a fun guy to throw a few back with, and when the White Sox win the World Series I wouldn’t be surprised to see Palka pull a Mike-Napoli and go shirtless at the bar. Which, quite frankly, would suck for all of the single guys at the bar.

I mean…Legend! Palka already has a cultish following in a brief period of major-league success, but winning a World Series and then racing through town sans shirt while ripping heaters would put him in another echelon of diety.

Let’s Palka, baby!