You’ve seen the video by now. Javier Baez was ejected for the first time in his career Saturday night after a check swing was called strike three in the fifth inning, as the Chicago Cubs were threatening with two men on base and two outs against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Baez was pissed that Will Little, the home plate umpire, didn’t appeal down to first and instead made the call himself. Baez had his words and then walked away back to the dugout, throwing his helmet and bat to the ground in frustration. It wasn’t until then that Little ejected Baez.

See for yourself.

Again, Baez had his back turned, walking back to the dugout when he got tossed out of the game.

Following the 6-3 loss, Baez spoke to reporters and he had one clear message for umpires.

Here are the rest of Baez’s postgame comments on the ejection.

And really that’s the biggest thing here. Umpires are way too quick to make these thing about themselves.

At no point did Baez appear to be mouthing off at Little until after he got ejected. All he wanted was an appeal to first and explanation on how he could possibly have a good view behind the plate, while focusing in on the strike zone at the same time.

To then throw Baez out because he threw his helmet and bat toward the dugout and was walking away? Flat out wrong decision by the umpire.

All because he got mad that he was questioned? Embarrassing.