Look, we all know the NFL Network¬†series “Top 100” is nothing more than filler for the offseason until actual football starts up again. It’s mindless television meant to distract us as we go through withdrawal. Yet I still can’t seem to conceal my rage at how utterly awful the program is. No, seriously. It’s complete garbage.

Is this mainly because I’m upset that it’s to #21 in the countdown and there’s still not a single Bear on it? Yes. Not ashamed¬†to admit it. However, I have a right to voice this indignation because if anybody deserves to be on that damn list, it’s Jordan Howard. Here he is. A 23-year old who has established himself as one of the best running backs in the NFL.

He went to the Pro Bowl in 2016 as a rookie. Last year he went over 1,000 yards despite playing in what was easily the best elementary school offense I’ve ever seen. He saw more eight-man boxes last year than blades of grass on Soldier Field. What does this guy have to do to get some respect in this league?

Jordan Howard had to suffer in silence as unworthy names made the list

Look I know there will be other running backs ahead of him just because they garner more spotlight. Ezekiel Elliott. Todd Gurley. Leonard Fournette. Kareem Hunt. They either play for flashier teams or were in the playoffs last year. That’s fine. So somebody has to explain this to me. I’ll wait.

Carlos Hyde? CARLOS HYDE!? Really? On what planet does that work? Hyde had 938 yards rushing and eight touchdowns in 2017. Howard had 1,122 yards rushing and nine touchdowns. Hyde played in a top tier offense under Kyle Shanahan. Howard played in that Idiot’s Guide to Offense last year. He still outproduced Hyde on both counts. Yet Hyde gets the nods among the top 100 players in the NFL.

That’s a damn travesty.

Never mind the fact that Case Keenum ranked 51st for what amounts to one good year of production during which he was mostly carried by the best defense in football. I used to feel jealous that no Bears ever made this list and now I’m starting to realize something. Know what, NFL? Keep it. Mr. Howard don’t need no stinking list.

He’ll be glad to take your money, your rushing titles and eventually your Lombardi trophy as well. Maybe then he’ll finally get some long-overdue attention.