This one is for the ugly duckling, the red-headed stepchild, the underdog, the rejects, the underrated and the misfits.

We’re The OutCasts @SMOutcasts

The East Coast and West Coast are often referred to as the be all end all in the sports world. Which makes all of us midwest sports fans the “Outcasts”. Chicago is the mecca, the holy grail of the sports world and Buzz and Juice are here to give the best city in the world its due.

Let’s introduce the dudes behind the podcast.

Kyle Michalski (The Juiceman) @SMJuiceMan

Michael Scott once said, “I’m a friend first and a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.” I can think of no better way to describe Juice. The JuiceMan is South Holland-born and raised and grew up a die-hard Chicago sports fan. In 5th grade, a younger BuzzWeed was playing basketball at recess, when a tall-lengthy kid (who hasn’t grown since) asked for an alley-oop. Buzz threw the ball up and down came the JuiceMan along with the rim. At that moment a lifelong friendship was born and they’ve been talking sports ever since.

A Cubs fan since birth, Juice will cover most of the North Side chatter while Buzz takes the reigns for the South Side. His greatest passions in no particular order are Chicago sports, golf and craft beer. He is a friendly guy so if you ever see him on the street make sure to say “hey” – because the Juice is always worth the squeeze.

Brad Squires (BuzzWeed) @SMBuzzWeed

Buzz hails from Blue Island and is just as honest a friend as he is a sports fan. Real and raw, he will tell it just like it is. That’s how even though he has a South Side edge – he still manages to have a lifelong friend who’s a fan of the Noth Side (Juice). Buzz goes hard in all things in life. Whether it’s cheering on his team – even when they are rebuilding instead of winning – or cracking open some cold ones with his buds, he’s all in and here for the entire ride.

Buzz’s passion for sports has always rolled over into sharing his take on his favorite teams. His experience with sports talk has ranged from radio to writing and now to podcasting his opinion for all to hear. Don’t be afraid to disagree with Buzz – but he’s also not afraid to dish it right back. His engaging, spit-fire personality gets him in trouble sometimes but also keeps you coming back to see just what he’ll say next.

So, now that you met the men behind the mics, strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

From 35th and Shields to the Madhouse on Madison to Lake Shore Drive to Clark and Addison, Buzz and Juice have got you covered on everything Chicago.

Be sure to tune into The OutCasts every week. Once we go live, you can find us anywhere you subscribe, rate and review a podcast — from iTunes to Sticher, we got you covered.

“For Chicago, By Chicago”