It all started with a tweet. A tweet many Chicago Bulls fans do not agree with.

Above is a reply to a tweet asked by a fan to Darnell Mayberry. The fan asked if MPJ is on the Bulls wish list at 7 – and that was Mayberry’s response.

Why Michael Porter Jr Fits The Bulls Culture

The culture here in Chicago is to win, win, win and win. Porter Jr. in high school was all about winning. In his senior season, he would put up 36.2 points and 13.6 rebounds as he helped Nathan Hale High School earn a perfect 29–0 record. That year Nathan Hale won the Washington Class 3A State Championship. The numbers Porter put up are obviously insane, showing just how dominant he can be.

How He Fits With The Bulls Young Core

Though the Bulls already have Kris Dunn, Zach Lavine, and Lauri Markkanen, there needs to be a clear leader. That’s where Porter comes into the fold. MPJ has shown in high school and even some flashes in college that he is an unselfish player who looks to get his teammates involved. Porters high school assist average was 5APG. As the number one option on Nathan Hale and obviously the most polished player on this team he still found his teammates and got them involved. Also, Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn’s biggest strength is getting to the rim so kicking it out to another sniper like Porter would look great. Below are some shooting stats from MPJ’s senior season.

Michael Porter Jr. 26 37.0 51 97 .526 30 32 .938 23 33 .697 961 52


Now, Porter will not shoot 69% from downtown in the NBA, but the potential is there to shoot the three at a high percentage.

How Porter Fits Hoiball

Coach Fred Hoibergs offense has been named “Hoiball” by many. It’s essentially a fast-paced read and react offense. Which means the more weapons you have, the better off you are. Having 1-4 being able to bring the ball up and penetrate opens up so many doors to what Fred’s offense can look like.

“I think the ball movement when you don’t have that one go-to guy is essential.”

  • A direct quote from Fred Hoiberg when talking to the Chicago Sun-Times in 2017. This just adds another dynamic player can that help Fred Hoiberg’s offense flourish.

Now the options are endless at the 7th pick. The Bulls can land an impact player if MPJ is gone. If he is at the 7 spot, the Bulls would regret passing on him. Porter Jr. seems like the perfect fit for Hoiball and the “leader” the Bulls could use. Only time can tell, and on June 21st, let’s hope the perfect fit is available at 7.