It was fair to say that the optimism surrounding Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky wasn’t going to infect everyone. Many critics, be they fans or media don’t like to go by speculation. They want results before they set their expectations for a player to a higher tier. Jared Goff had to experience that last season. Former All-Pro wide receiver Reggie Wayne made it clear that Trubisky will have to do the same.

To be fair the standards for quarterbacking to a guy like Wayne are ridiculously high. Here’s a guy who spent most of his NFL career catching passes from Peyton Manning. Then he finished it up catching them from Andrew Luck. That’s some Grade A meat among QBs. So it’s only natural Wayne would be less willing than most to declare Trubisky ready for the ascent.

He explained on NFL Network that while the arrow is pointing up, it’s going to take a little more time for him to get going due to circumstances involving the offense itself.

Speed of digesting offense is key for Mitch Trubisky

Wayne made it clear enough with his statement. Right now the Bears QB is starting from scratch in a new offense. Jay Cutler once said it takes three years for a quarterback to become truly engrossed within a system. The Bears are no doubt hoping Trubisky doesn’t end up in the same nightmare Cutler did, changing schemes almost every year.

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The fact that Trubisky is reportedly ahead of schedule in his understanding of the Nagy system is welcome news. However, learning it on paper and executing it on the field are two different things. Wayne knows this. Hence why he’s in wait-and-see mode. The good news is Trubisky has a lot more help this season than as a rookie.

Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen remain in the backfield. Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Anthony Miller and Trey Burton bring a litany of new options to the passing game. So the foundation is there for him to take that next step. It’s a matter of whether the added experience he has under his belt can get him to execute with more precision.