The Chicago Bears are placing their hopes in Mitch Trubisky. It marks the first time that the franchise has truly geared an entire offseason towards building around their quarterback. Not even Jay Cutler saw this much attention in terms of money and draft picks over the course of a few months. Among their most intriguing additions was tight end Trey Burton.

Most forget about him due to the fact he’s projected as more of a backup and gadget player behind Adam Shaheen. In truth, he has a lot of talent that could excel in this new offense being constructed by head coach Matt Nagy and his staff. One thing about Burton is he knows what premier quarterback play looks like. So it would be interesting to hear what his initial impressions of Trubisky are.

Burton took time away to appear on “Good Morning Football” on NFL Network to talk about his whirlwind past few months since winning the Super Bowl with Philadelphia to signing with the Bears in free agency. Inevitably he got asked the question about what he thinks of his new quarterback. His answer was somewhat eye-opening.

Trey Burton sees a ton of Carson Wentz in Mitch Trubisky

“He’s special. He’s right in the category with Carson (Wentz). I’m really impressed with him so far.”

Of course, there are people who will roll their eyes at this. Trubisky had a somewhat average rookie season. Why should anybody expect him to reach a similar level to Carson Wentz? Perhaps because the two share so much in common. Both are former #2 overall picks. Both came from programs with no history of producing top quarterbacks. Also, both are versatile athletes being coached by an Andy Reid disciple (Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy).

People forget Wentz wasn’t overly spectacular as a rookie. He threw 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. There was a learning process he had to go through. Then last year he threw 33 touchdowns to seven interceptions before tearing his ACL after 13 games. Is it so unreasonable to think Trubisky can’t make the same leap? The Bears did the exact same thing Philadelphia did a year ago. They surrounded him with weapons and protection in order to help him excel.

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Burton saw the process up close in Philadelphia. It’s little wonder he has similar expectations for Chicago. It worked once, why not again? Either way it’s beyond encouraging to hear this sort of optimism about a Bears quarterback from a guy who just met him.