Willson Contreras was standing at second base with one out in the fourth inning and Kyle Schwarber was at the plate, looking to do some damage off right-hander Mike¬†Foltynewicz. The Cubs and Braves were still scoreless and it stayed that way after Schwarber was called out on strikes, which led to one of the most intimidating glares you’ll ever see directed at the home plate umpire.

I mean, no Schwarber didn’t go off on Jim Wolf, wasn’t violent in any way, but the stare said it all.

I’m not saying Kyle Schwarber is capable of murder, but also did you see that little smile at the end. It’s actually not in that video, but you can see it in this screenshot.

It was like a¬†diabolical little smile that Schwarber gives to Wolf, basically saying, “I would definitely kick your ass if there weren’t any consequences.”

Jim Wolf definitely pooped his pants after that. You would have too.

Luckily the blown call didn’t ultimately hurt the Cubs, as some hilarious shit happened right after.

Absolutely no one felt bad for Wolf getting knocked over.

I know fans from every team complains about strike zones and that makes other fans say well it all evens out, but that’s still bullshit. What’s the point of having a strike zone in the rule book if at the end of the day all you hear is, “well at least they’re consistently calling that pitch a strike/ball.”

How about this idea, call actual strikes as strikes and balls as balls.

Or just make Kyle Schwarber glare at umpires until they make the correct calls out of fear.