There are many people who show their love for a team by getting tattoos and some can turn out looking amazing. Then, you have people like Bryant Torres of Elgin. This dude gave everyone a good laugh with an incredible mugshot that features not one, but two Chicago Blackhawks inspired tattoos, including one right on his cheek.

This is beautiful, as in the worst shit I’ve ever seen, making it the funniest tattoo combination ever. Not only does he have the Blackhawks logo, this guy makes sure everyone know Duncan Keith is his favorite player too.

I’m going to guess the intersection of a Venn diagram with people who have face tattoos and people who end up jail is huge.

By the way, Bryant as a first name? Bad. Face tattoo? Bad. Ability to run away from police? Bad.

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Chicago Tribune:

Officers attempted to stop Torres in the Elgin City Hall parking lot, 150 Dexter Court, about 9:40 a.m., but he took off toward the river and jumped in, Hilton said.

Firefighters were called in to do a water rescue and saw him go into the drainage pipe, battalion chief Terry Bruce said.

“As he got to the Chicago Street bridge, he saw a drain pipe and ran into there,” Bruce said. “That took him into the street sewer system. We pulled off a half-dozen manhole covers to look for him.”

Firefighters were preparing to enter the system, “never knowing what the gases are like in those spaces, when he popped up about 150 feet in front of us,” Bruce said. The sewer grate was in front of Eaton’s Redwood Inn, 118 W. Chicago St., Bruce said.

And having a very distinguishable tattoo ON YOUR FACE is also terrible planning if you’re going to do things that end with the police hunting you down. You can’t just cover it up, change your hair color, put on sunglasses or anything like that.

Your ugly tattoo is right on your face just waiting for someone to identify you.

Hey, at least we know who the most die-hard Blackhawks fan is.