Hey, remember Jason Heyward?

Probably not the best look when you go on the DL and your team immediately starts averaging 10 runs a game, albeit against some of the worst teams in baseball, but still the Chicago Cubs didn’t miss a beat after placing Heyward on the seven-day concussion disabled list.

The thing is, he’s still good on defense. Well, except for the whole losing the ball in the sun and lights thing that for whatever reason is happening with Heyward this season. But still, Heyward has value left and he obviously gives Joe Maddon a lot more flexibility when he’s on the roster.

He can come off the DL now, but the problem is the Cubs don’t actually know when Heyward will come back after banging his head on the outfield wall, trying to rob Dexter Fowler’s walk-off home run in St. Louis.

The Cubs flew to Atlanta after losing to the Braves 6-5 on Monday at Wrigley Field and Heyward joined the team, but again no one really knows when he’s returning.

Via The Athletic.

“The doc feels that he should go with us,” Maddon said. “That’s it. I had no input in this whatsoever. So this was just something that — talking to [athletic trainer] PJ [Mainville] and Doc [Stephen] Adams — they feel it’s good for him to come with us and see if we can get him re-engaged and really keep a close eye on him.”

(Joe Maddon)

Doesn’t really sound like Joe is pounding the table to get Heyward back and if we’re being serious here you can be frustrated all you want that he’s been a huge disappointment with the Cubs, but concussions are pretty serious. Never wish injury on players, especially the ones on your team.

Anyway, the recovery seems to be slow, but Heyward was on the field before Tuesday’s game down in Atlanta playing catch.

In 29 games, Heyward had a slash line of .227/.315/.340, with two home runs and 14 RBIs. The Cubs are 5-2 since Heyward was put on the DL.

Ben Zobrist has getting starts out in right field and even Kris Bryant has started a couple times in place of Heyward.